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Community Leaders Testimonials

A few words from Imam Suhaib Webb on Kamal Shaarawy’s establishment of SalaamHearts, a personality-based Muslim matching service…

- Imam Suhaib Webb

As one of the largest Masajids in the USA, MCA saw a dire need in the community to help resolve marital and parent-youth conflict. [Br.] Kamal Shaarawy led an effort to help resolve these on a remedial basis, but also to proactively address them to avoid future problems. He was instrumental in setting up one of the most successful programs at MCA and has guided families towards leading a happy, Islamic life. [Br.] Kamal Shaarawy brings together both Islamic and contemporary perspectives to create a unique combination that is unmatched. The SalaamHearts effort is a proactive method in bringing towards two compatible individuals and its success demonstrates how the Muslim community can successfully create happy and healthy families.”

- Razi Mohiuddin, Ex-President (2003-2007), Muslim Community Association of San Francisco Bay Area (MCA)

I have been following Br. Shaarawy’s activity in the area of “Family Counseling” in association with the progressive “North California’s Muslim Community Association – The home of Br. Suheib Webb” and am very impressed with his contribution, knowledge and success in the community – His new venture in “Matrimonial Matchmaking” is getting to the root causes of the eventual family problems, and is based on his knowledge and experience. It promises another major contribution in meeting the dire needs of the community for social services. We can no longer ignore the community self denial of emerging and existing real social problems that has become not much different than the US society at large… We only hear about these problems after the explosion point in public – Where did the wisdom of: “A pound of protection is better than a ton of cure? go… ”

- Dr. Samir Arafeh, A community member of Southern California…

Clients Testimonials


T.K., California

I thank Br. Kamal for all his help and for showing me what I can accomplish. He has shown me the path to happiness and success. He was patient with me and never gave upon me despite all my problems. Depression is no longer destroying my marriage. I can’t thank him enough.

H.A., Pennsylvania

Through my sessions with Kamal I came to realize that much of my stress was from my difficult relationship with my son. Kamal suggested bringing my son in for some counseling. At first my son resisted the idea, but finally agreed, and I have to say that he changed my teenage son’s life. And for myself, I have gained in self-esteem, confidence,and the ability to relax in a way that I haven’t experienced in years. All this has even improved my marriage – how can I ever thank him!

Talib & Family

Br. Kamal has solved many issues between me and my wife. We thought my going to a counselor it will make no difference, but it did. He does not do any favoritism. And gets both parties too agree. We thought it was not possible to make this marriage work. By going to Br. Kamal he saved our marriage and now we have a healthier life. Our family & children are happy. Thank you, Br. Kamal for helping us.

L.G., Pennsylvania

I want to express the utmost appreciation for all the time and effort Kamal has devoted above and beyond being a behavioral specialist working with each and every member of our family. He will truly be missed by all of us. He has made quite a positive impact on us all.

Anna, Oakland, CA

I have worked with counselors before, but no one has had such a noticeable positive impact on my life like Kamal Shaarawy.  This is not typical talk-therapy.  Rather, he gives you concrete, practical exercises that reshape old ways of thinking and behaving into constructive and uplifting lifelong habits.  Within a few short months, I had a restored sense of self-confidence, better insight into how to choose the right life partner, and an openness and excitement about pursuing this next part of my life.

LS, Arizona

Kamal is amazing! Through his demeanor, his persistence, and his encouragement he helped me work through emotional turmoil. He taught me to get in touch with my feelings which is something I dreaded doing. At first I was really mad at him, but he persisted and then healing came. He taught me how to let go of guilt and shame and how to get to a place of hope. The improvement in my relationship with my husband is phenomenal. I will never forget him.

K.S, Florida

[Kamal Shaarawy is] A sincere and knowledgeable individual that “hears” and understands his clients. He is able to direct them through understanding themselves and others to become emotional healthy human beings. He has challenged myself and my husband to grow beyond our current limitations and frustrations to change our challenges into golden opportunities for ourselves and our partners. Brother Kamal gets our full confidence and recommendation.

T.A, San Jose, CA

AsSalamu ‘Alaikum, Br. Kamal Shaarawy is a wonderful counselor/coach and has helped me tremendously. With his guidance, I have been able (and continue) to improve and develop a more peaceful state within. His methods command that the person learn positive ways of thinking and thus find gratitude in everything. May Allah (SWT) reward Br. Kamal for his work done for the sake of Him.

S.W., New Jersey

Br. Kamal’s counseling was sensitive, wise, and incredibly moving, alhamdolillah – and I continue to benefit greatly from the optimism, humor, and heartfelt care that he puts into his work. He is able to combine extensive experience in psychology along with Islamic guidance and knowledge, masha’Allah, which helped me gain a window into myself and draw closer to Allah swt even during hard times. Alhamdolillah, I can’t thank him enough for bringing me together with my dear husband of two years, and for guiding us through the first steps of our marriage to build a strong foundation for our new life together!

L.B, San Carlos, CA

Brother Kamal is a great counselor. He listens and participates in making people aware of the issues and solutions. I enjoy listening to him and admire the way he analyzes my problems.

Client, Santa Clara, CA

[Br.] Shaarawy is a great source. He is Muslim and has an immense amount of knowledge in Islam and experience in his counseling. I am blessed that he travels to our community t offer his services. I highly recommend him.

Fred Amir, Author of Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain.

[Br.] Kamal is truly a national treasure. He is knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, and truly helpful in matters of family and individual counseling. I highly recommend his services.

Client, CA

Not only does [Br.] Kamal use both academic traditional therapy as well as Islamic wisdom and philosophy, but he blends them in an interactive way such that his advice is practical and applicable to Muslims in the United States. He is open and validates what you are feeling and going through, yet at the same time is honest with his feedback. This coupled with his wealth of experience (in and outside the Muslim community) makes him an asset to us.